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Free fire is an amazing game I have ever played. This game already has 500 million-plus downloads with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on google play store. So with this information, we can see the affection of people for the game.

This is an ultimate survival shooter game where you land on an island with 49 other players.

There are realistic and smooth graphics which give you an insane gaming experience

Want more fun, you can also play it with your friends by forming a 4 man squad with voice chat enabled.
There are various modes and missions in the game which introduce much more fun in the game.

So if you are new to this game and want to know how to start playing free fire then you are at the right place.

Game Modes

There are solo, duo and squad mode.

There are following modes available in game.



3.Clash squad

4.Clash squad ranked


6.Rush hour



Screengrab via garena freefire

So as we know in classic mode there are mainly 2 maps one is the oldest Bermuda map which is also seen in ranked. They recently introduced a new map for classic which is known as Kalahari map.

In ranked you can not choose the map it is random either Bermuda or purgatory map.

There are certain modes which only available for some specific time like rush hour, rampage, etc.

If you want to test all weapons and their attachments but afraid of dying before looting then you can easily choose a training map in which you can freely choose all weapons in training mode.

Characters and pets

There are various characters and pets present in free-fire with different abilities and skills. A single character can hold up to 4 skills at a time. In the beginning, a character doesn’t matter but in the long-run character, skills help a lot to become a pro player.

There are various skills like increased vest durability, Recieve more hp at the start of the game, can remain silent while shooting, and a lot more than you can discover in the game.

Screengrab via garena freefire

So as you can see in the above image there are a lot of characters in the game. Some of them you can purchase with money and some of them you can win during the gameplay.


So free fire has a unique feature which is known as pets. A pet is accompanied by the player in the whole gameplay. Some pets have special abilities like finding mushrooms on the map or increase the space in the bag.

Some of the pets can only be purchased with diamonds while others can be attained during the gameplay.

It's better to survive.

Its ranking mechanism is a bit different it gives the rewards and all stuff on the survival of the player not fighting. So it is better to jump far away and camp there an d survive as long as you can. It is also important to kill other players as it will help you to raise your playing level and also give you the benefits in your ranking.

Try to login in daily.

Either you are a new player or an experienced player it’s important to log in daily. As new tasks and missions are coming daily and there are various good rewards that you can claim daily just by log in the game.

Initial gameplay

When you log in the game for the first time than a classic match already started and it also gives you a short tutorial on gameplay. It’s better in the starting to focus on fighting rather of surviving because if you don’t focus on the beginning than it later becomes a major drawback in your gameplay.

Eat mushrooms

There are mainly for types of mushrooms laid on the map. By eating mushrooms you will get ep which slowly converts in your health so it is very important to eat mushrooms during the game it will also give you benefits while fighting with other players.

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