Digital Deepak internship program review

If you are searching for a genuine review of the Digital Deepak internship program then I assure you that your search and all queries will be solved by this article.

Do you want to learn digital marketing? Right, That’s why you are here

Then this is the best program for you.

Firstly I want to tell you that I personally learn digital marketing through this program. That’s why I can give you an honest feedback of the program.

I already purchased many premium courses to learn digital marketing but I am failed. Because I am not able to implement things that I learn. Then one day I came to know about the Digital Deepak internship program. 

The specialty of this program is that you get rewarded for every action you take. I assure you that this program will make you an action taker. You will implement what you learn. You will also get a community with other interns.

This proves a life-changing program for me.

If you are still reading then you might be interested or want to join the internship program.

Who is Digital Deepak?

Deepak kanakaraju also known as Digital Deepak is one of the top digital marketing experts in India. He is a blogger, consultant, author and trainer. He start his journey with a motorcycle blog.

Digital Deepak

Deepak also runs a company named pixeltrack and he also help people to become a successful digital marketer and much more. Read more about Digital deepak

What is Digital Deepak internship program?

Many people have misconceptions about the program.

Now I will explain to you what is Digital Deepak internship program.

Basically, it is not a course. If you are looking for a course this is not for you. It is a type of live program where you will learn by doing.

You will learn everything by doing it practically. This is a paid program you have to pay an amount of money to join.

But if you are serious and complete all the assignments are given in the program you can get your money back.

For every assignment, you will get your money back. This also creates a motivation for you to do the assignments and implement things.

This program is best for the people who seriously want to learn digital marketing in a holistic way.

This is a basic idea of how the program works and how beneficial it is.

What you will learn in the Digital deepak internship program?

You will learn all major modules of digital marketing like-

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Selecting your niche
  • Registering a domain
  • Creating your own blog
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Lead genration
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Much more.

This will give you a basic idea of what you will learn in the program. There are many other things which you will learn in the program. For more details about the lessons you can apply for the launch webinar below.

How Digital Deepak internship program is different from other digital marketing courses?

As I see many people buy various courses but don’t complete them.

Some people just watch all the lessons and take their certificates but don’t implement their learnings practically.

Some people not able to implement things because of a lack of proper guidance.

But the internship program is different from all the above cases. This program is designed for people who want to learn digital marketing practically. You also get motivation and proper guidance for doing all the assignments. You will be able to implement your learnings.

It is not just like watch some videos and get a certificate.

It is designed for action takers and serious people.

The best thing is that you have a community of all interns. It is very beneficial for your growth. You can understand how beneficial it is to have a community of people with the same interest. You can make new friends or collaborate with each other or can do many other awesome things.

For me, it is a very awesome thing and I also enjoy my learnings there. You can’t get the same thing in any other course. You can always feel positive vibes in the community and also get motivated by others.

There are many other things that are beyond  the scope of this article.

Who should join this internship program?

There are many people from different backgrounds who joined internship program with me. So I have a clear idea for whom the program is suited best.

  • For students – As we know digital marketing is one of the most demanded skill now and you can build a career in it. After learning digital marketing you can also apply for jobs.
  • For professionals – If you are looking to switch to a different job or bored with your current job or want to earn extra money with freelancing then this is the best program for you.
  •  Business owners – Digital marketing is the future of marketing. As we can see in our surroundings that more and more businesses come online everyday. So you can also learn digital marketing and grow your own business.
  • Entrepreneurs – Digital marketing is the key to expand your customer database and take your business online. Entrepreneurs can also learn digital marketing and increase their business through it.

Anyone can learn digital marketing who has passion for it. If you are looking it as quick rich scheme then don’t join it. You have to learn and implement a lot of things to become a successful digital marketer. So if don’t have passion for digital marketing then don’t join this program.

Fees and reward structure of the internship program

So firstly I want to tell you that fees may vary from time to time and also depend on which batch are you joining. I don’t know the exact fees right now but it will be around 15000 to 20000. It is just an estimate it may lower or may be higher.

To know the exact fess and cashback or reward structure you can apply for the internship program. All details will be provided to you in the launch webinar.

And here the best part of the internship program comes. You can get your money back by completing the assignments. I can’t assure you that how much money you will get back that will only be revealed in launch webinar. But yes you will get back your money only if you complete assignments.

What other interns feel about program

There are various reviews present over the internet. But I will also share some of the video reviews of previous interns.

And some more

Curriculum of the internship program

So if you want to know about the curriculum of the program then I suggest you to attend the launch webinar conducted by digital Deepak. Because they update the curriculum and many things for every batch.

Attending the launch webinar costs you nothing but it will answer your many questions related to the launch webinar.

Why should you join this program?

After reading the article I hope you have a clear idea of what is Digital Deepak internship program, how it works, and much more. This is a unique program in the market.

  • As we know digital marketing needs practical work, not just certificates or studies. You will learn everything practically by doing yourself in the program.
  • You might get a chance to interact with digital Deepak.
  • You get proper guidance from experienced people.
  • You will also get placement guidance.
  • You will get a community of action takers.
  • You will be rewarded for every action you take that will work as a motivation for you.
  • And much more

My experience with Digital Deepak internship program

Now I will share my personal experience with the internship program.

I am a student and I want to earn money, I am looking for ways how to earn money online. Then I get to know about digital marketing and I explore it more and find it interesting.

I know that I can earn money with digital marketing but the question is how to learn digital marketing. I watch videos on youtube and read many blogs. I learn various things from there but there is no one who can guide me or solve my problems.

I decided to purchase some courses so I purchased courses but never complete them because there is a lack of motivation. I watch lessons but don’t implement my learnings.

Then one day I get to know about the digital Deepak internship program. I find it different from other courses in the market. So I enroll in the internship program and my journey begins.

I find a lot of value in the program. I have access to a community with all interns of my batch. I also get a chance to interact with digital Deepak which is a very good experience for me. In the community you can collaborate with other interns, you get helped by your fellow interns and there is much more which I can’t explain in this article.

By enrolling in the program I can run successful google and Facebook ad campaigns. I can automate my many tasks. There are many things inside the program which no one can teach you.

This proves a life-changing program for me and you can also experience all of that just by enrolling in the program.

Become an action taker and apply for the internship program today.


As I discussed above I have already gone through various courses but never find a program with such great value.

You can learn and also earn within the program.

So this is the right time to enroll yourself in this course and become a professional digital marketer. If you are a beginner then this is the best program for you.

This is the best opportunity to learn digital marketing practically.
If you still have any doubt you can contact us or leave a comment.
We are always here to help you.

Wishing you a successful career ahead.

Frequently asked questions

What is the fees of the program?

The fees of the program is vary from time to time. But you can get your fees back by competing the assignments. The fees and reward structure will be revealed in launch webinar.

What is the duration of the program?

It is a 12-week program. After which you might also get some bonus weeks.

Will I get recordings of the lessons?

Yes you will get the recording of every class.

How to get enrolled in the internship program?

For enrolling details you just have to attend the launch webinar.

Register for the launch webinar

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