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If you are searching for the best web hosting in India then definitely your research will end here. By the end of this comprehensive article, you will choose your host for your website. We compare all the web hosts in different aspects. I strongly recommend you to read the full article.

I write this article because I face a lot problems in the begining of my journey. I waste many hours in researching the best web hosting in India and I don’t want that any other person face the same problem that I face. Choosing a wrong host will cost you very high. So invest your money after full satisfaction.

Factors Considering Before Choosing Your Host.

1. Server location

Most important factor before choosing a web host. The location of web servers will decide your site speed. If your target audience is in India then you have to go with Indian servers. Many companies have their data centers in India. Hostgator servers are located in Mumbai. If you want an affordable plan then you can also go with Singapore servers.

2. Uptime

Uptime is also a major factor in choosing the best web hosting in India. Most of the companies promise 99.9% uptime. But as we know promises are not always true. So before choosing a host do some research and also read as many reviews as you can. It will give you an idea of how the hosting is.

3. Speed

Speed is a very important factor for SEO and your hosting will contribute a lot to it. If your site speed is more than 3 seconds then many users will leave your site. We have to choose a fast webserver which at least can match Google’s benchmark of 200 ms. So before choosing your host, you have to enquire about the ping time of the server.

4. SSL Certificate

A must thing for your site in the modern era. Google officially announces that they take SSL certificates as a ranking factor. With the SSL certificate, your URL includes “https://”. Most of the companies are offering a free SSL certificate with their hosting. But you must have to double-check it before buying any hosting.

5. Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that a website can transfer to its user in a given time. Some companies offer 5gb, 50gb, 100gb, or even unlimited. The requirement of bandwidth is based on the traffic to your website.

6. Customer Support

Either you are a beginner or professional you will need customer support. So choose a hosting which provides 24*7 support. If you are a beginner then customer support will help you to set up your site and if you are professional even then you will need customer support at some point.


Most people even don’t recognize this factor. Most of the companies even not mention the ram under their features. RAM is needed to handle the visitors on your site. If you are a beginner then 512mb is enough for you but when the traffic increase you have to upgrade it. Before choosing your host you must have to enquire how much ram will you get in your plan.

8. Backups

Backups are very important with increasing scams and attacks. Your hosting must have to give daily backups if not then weekly backups are necessary of your all databases, email databases, and all other files on your server. Before choosing a hosting must enquire about this factor otherwise, you will regret later for your decision.

9. Security

If your host doesn’t have security features than this situation is like that you will leave your site for attackers and malware. And In the end, your site gets hacked. So carefully read all security features before choosing your host.

10. Disk space

In the modern era, all companies offer plenty of webspace. If you are a beginner than 10gb disk space is more than enough even for a dynamic website. If you are a professional or a little knowledge then you know how much disk space have you required.

11. Pricing

A well-known factor considered by everyone. You have to decide that the pricing worth the features or not. If you are a beginner then I recommend you buy cheap hosting from hosting as it will save your money and give you all features you will require in the beginning.

Best web hosting in India {RANKED}

1. Hostinger


Cheapest plan- Rs.59/month

Disk space – 10gb

Bandwidth- 100gb

Support – Live chat, Tickets

Global reach- Yes

Data centers location – United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia.

They provide their hosting at the lowest prices in the industry. Best web hosting for Beginners in India. Even in their cheapest single plan, you will get 10gb disk space, 24*7 support, and most important you will get speed for your site.

You will get their customized hpanel which is quite admirable and have plenty of features and functionalities for your needs. You will also get a free SSL and website builder.

Their customer support is quite awesome they have proper technical skills and also prove helpful in every aspect.

They offer almost every type of hosting shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Email Hosting, and many more.

They have three plans in shared hosting.

  1. Single web hosting: Very cheap and perfect for beginners with low traffic and also get 256mb ram and you will allow to set up only 1 website.
  2. Premium web hosting: In this plan, your site speed doubles and you will also get a free domain besides [Recommended plan]
  3. Business Web Hosting: This plan is recommended for big websites with high traffic and serious businesses as it will provide daily backups also.

All the plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee. It is best for those who don’t rely on reviews and want to try their own.

2. Hostgator

Website-  Hostgator

Cheapest plan-  Rs. 149[on Indian server]

Disk space – 10gb

Bandwidth- 100gb

Support – Live chat, Tickets, Phone

Global reach- Yes

Data centers location -Houston, TX (Texas), Provo, UT (Utah),  India.

This is the true Indian hosting on Indian servers located in Mumbai. Hostgator is on the second number due to the only pricing factor. This is also a well-established company. Their customer support is awesome and you will also get Indian customer support members. 

If you have a budget to buy this hosting then go for this not for hostinger. Because their servers are located in India so Hostgator gives far better speed than hosting. They also offer phone support which is very beneficial for beginners to set up or even learn all the things.

There most popular cheapest plan is the Starter plan Which is suitable for beginners or even small businesses. There is only one drawback in a starter pack which is limited bandwidth. If you have more visitors or want unmetered bandwidth and disk space then you have to go for Hatchling plan.
If you choose HostGator then you will always experience value for money and great speed for Indian visitors.

3. SiteGround

Website-  Siteground

Cheapest plan- $3.95/mo.

Disk space – 10gb

Bandwidth- 10,000 Visits Monthly

Support – Live chat, Tickets, Phone

Global reach- Yes

Data centers location – Singapore, London, USA, Sydney.

A well-known brand in the industry of web hosting. Siteground is even recommended by WordPress. They have very powerful servers at various locations. The best thing about the Siteground is they have various CDN locations in the world which give your website really fast speed.

Siteground has offered three plans in their shared hosting, You will know them better in the below list:-

  1. StartUp- Best and Most recommended plan for beginners as it will give you all essential things. With a price of $3.95/mo.per month. It is a bit costly for beginners but doesn’t worry the product is worth money. As you will get 10gb of space and 10,000visits per month.
  2. GrowBig- As the name suggests this plan is suitable for growing websites. The best thing for this plan is that you can add unlimited sites without any trouble. You will get 20gb web space and 25,000 visits per month in $5.95/mo.
  3. GoGeek- It is recommended for businesses and large websites. In this plan, you will get the highest tier of resources and priority support also. It is the best plan in shared hosting. You will get 40gb of web space and 1,00,000 visits per month in just $11.95/mo.
    So with the above list, you get to know the prices of different plans offered by Siteground. 

If you have a big business then you have to go to Siteground as they have very reliable and powerful servers. They also provide free cdn in every plan.

 They provide phone, email, and live chat support. Their support is best in class.

4. A2 Hosting

Website-  A2hosting

Cheapest plan- ₹226.46

Disk space – 100gb

Bandwidth- Unlimited

Support – Live chat, Email, Phone

Global reach- Yes

Data centers location – USA-Michigan, USA-Arizona, Europe-Amsterdam, Asia-Singapore

You already have heard about a2hosting as they also have a wide client base. As we need the best speed in India so we choose the Singapore server. They will give you the option to choose your server according to your target audience and reach.

They’re good enough to rank in the top 10 web hosting in India.

They mainly have 4 shared hosting plan as below-

  1. Startup[₹226.46/month]- Best and recommended plan for beginners and learners. The prices are reasonable and even cheap in comparison to other hosting providers. The best thing is that you get unlimited bandwidth.
  2. Drive[₹377.94/month]- In this plan, you will get almost all features like unlimited websites and unlimited bandwidth. So if you have multiple websites then you can simply go for this plan.
  3. Turbo boost[₹756.64]- If you have a high authority website and have a large number of daily visitors then you can go for this plan as you will get 2gb ram and 2X more resources.
  4. Turbo max[₹1135.33]- This is the highest plan in shared hosting recommended for highly developed sites as you will get 5X more resources and great speed.

So with the above plans choose according to your needs. For more high performance you can go for managed hosting.

The best thing is that they offer anytime money-back guarantee which is very unique and beneficial in long term purchasing. They also offer a 30-day standard money-back guarantee.

Example – If you purchase hosting for 4 years and after 1 year you want to switch on another host and cancel your hosting on a2hosting then you will get refund equivalent to unused 3 years. This is the best guarantee you will get from them

You will get a solid speed in India if you choose Singapore server as they promise 99.9% uptime and they mostly stick to their promise. So don’t worry about speed. You will get better speed as you upgrade your plan.

As we mentioned above they offer 24*7 support via email, live chat, and phone. They also migrate your site from another host for free.

The only drawback is that their servers are not located in India. But still, you can go for it.

5. Milesweb

Website-  Milesweb

Cheapest plan- ₹40

Disk space – 1gb

Bandwidth- Unlimited

Support – Live chat, Ticket

Global reach- Yes

Data centers location -USA, Canada, UK, India, Singapore, Australia.

Established in 2012. They have data centers in India that contribute a lot to your site speed. The best thing is that if you don’t know English then this the hosting for you. As they provide support in Hindi and Marathi also. They offer a competitive pricing plan starting from only Rs.40 only.

They mainly offer three plans in shared hosting.

1. Tyro[Rs.40/mo]- This plan has enough features for learning or in the beginning. The best thing is that you get 2gb ram which no one offers in this price range. The only drawback is that there is only 1gb disk space.

2. Swift[130/mo]- This plan suits for medium websites which have a quality of traffic and also needs more disk space 

3. Turbo[170/mo]- The highest plan in shared hosting best for large traffic sites. As in this plan, you will get 5gb of ram and also you can host unlimited websites.
As in the above plans, you can see that the tyro plan is best for beginners.

Now come to their support they offer 24*7 live chat and their support has enough knowledge for your problems.

They offer 99.95% uptime which is quite good but we recommend going for 99.99% uptime as it is a very important factor.

You will enjoy a great speed in India as their servers are located in India. You can freely choose your server you want it is the part.

And in the last, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you not satisfied with their services.

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