Best steam irons in India

Best steam iron in India

Steam irons are the best irons nowadays. They are very powerful and easy to use in comparison to old dry irons. With the steam iron, you can remove wrinkles more easily and fastly. Most of the irons have both mode i.e. dry and steam. You can enjoy both modes in one iron.

I assure you that your search for the best steam iron in India will end here. You just have to read this article till the last and after that, you will choose your perfect iron.

So before I provide you the list of best steam irons in India there are some important factors. You have to keep in mind before choosing your idle iron.

9 Factors to keep in mind before purchase

  1. Size of the soleplate – It directly affects the time consumed in ironing. The larger the soleplate more area will it cover and save your time.
  2. Wattage – The higher the wattage iron get hot quickly and save your time. On the other hand, it also consumes more electricity and increases your electricity bill.
  3. Self-cleaning features- It is also a very important aspect. Self-cleaning clean up dirt and impurities from the steam holes and prevent it from getting blocked or choked.
  4. Water tank volume- The bigger the water tank, the less often you have to fill it. If you are a lazy fellow then an iron with a large water tank.
  5. Soleplate surface- A good soleplate ensures smooth and easy operation. Also, make ironing very safe and even easy. Many companies offer a non-stick soleplate.
  6. Auto-off- It is an important feature for safety measures most of the iron comes with this feature. Always double-check this feature.
  7. Safety measures- Always check all safety measures before buying.
  8. Warranty- As most of the companies offer 2-year Warranty So you should also keep this factor in mind.
  9.  Cord length- Some companies offer very short cord which will become a reason for regret after some time.

There are various brands in the market but we recommend you to go for a well-established brand. You can buy iron from 900 to 5000Rs. You have a very wide choice.
You can easily choose the best iron from the below list of best steam iron in India.

Top 10 best steam iron in India in 2020

1. Philips Steam Iron

Iron 1

This is the best iron in India in a very reasonable price range. As it consumes 1440 watts which are well enough for day to day or normal ironing. The weight is a bit heavier when completely filled with water.
It comes with a 1.8m cord which is quite enough for home usage and proper handling.

The body is solid with a very good finish in this price range. The capacity of the water tank is 180ml which will work for than 30 minutes continuous ironing. 

It also has spray function which sprinkles little amount of water on the cloth, which makes the ironing job very easy. It also comes with self-cleaning features that are very useful in the long term. It also increases the durability of the iron.

If you are looking for the best iron for home then this is the best iron in this reasonable price and plenty of features. It has all the essential features you need for your daily needs.

2. INALSA Steam Iron

iron 2

The second best steam iron in India. As we know the brand of iron is not well known but the iron is really good. It consumes 2000 watts which produce heat very fastly and save your time.

It has a large water tank with a capacity of 330ml. The build quality is good and durable. The cord length is about 1.8m which is quite enough for home-usage. The soleplate is also big which cover more area and save your time.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty. It also has a self-cleaning feature that ensures good steam every time. It comes with big pores which can also do steam burst which can remove big wrinkles easily. The price is also reasonable. If you want to try something new and powerful then you can go for this.

3. Morphy Richards Super Glide Steam Iron

iron 3

Another one in the best steam iron for home. As we can see iron look very modern and attractive. It is also very big which will make ironing jobs very easy but on the other hand, also look odd.

It can store 350 ml water in one time which is well enough for long ironing but it also makes iron heavy and creates problems while ironing.
You can also do steam burst for removing wrinkles. 

It also comes with self-cleaning features so there is no stress for cleaning. It also has 46 holes which provide you very good steam for ironing.

It consumes 2000 watt which makes it able to heat very fast. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. If you have no problem with its heavyweight and modern design you can go with it. It looks very strong and powerful.

4. Philips EasySpeed Plus

iron 4

Another best steam iron from Philips. It is also a very powerful iron that consumes 2100 watts which produce heat very fastly. The material and built quality are very good and attractive.

The capacity of the water tank is 270ml which is well enough. The steam distribution is very good which makes ironing very easy. It can also do very powerful steam bursts which are very good for heavy ironing.

There is only one drawback that it comes with a 15amp plug that doesn’t fit in all sockets. You have to buy a 5amp to 15 amp adapter to make it compatible with all sockets. This drawback doesn’t affect iron performance.

As we know it also comes with a 2-year warranty and self-cleaning features which are very good and helpful in the long run of the iron.

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