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Best helmets for men in india

If you are searching for best helmets for men under 1000 then your search will end here. After reading full article you will choose a helmet idle for you.

So firstly I will show you the pros and cons of wearing a helmet while riding Specially in India


1. The most important. Saves your head in case of an accident. Thus saving your life.

2. Saves your face from Dust and pollution. And provides some level of insulation from traffic noise.

3. If you want to vlog, it gives you a nice location to mount your action camera.

4. Saves you from traffic challan and unnecessary haggling with the police.

5. If brought with good graphics and right color combinations can increase your visibility and also compliments the looks of your bike.

6. It will also protect your face in winter from cold airs and rain also.


1. May spoil your hairstyle.

2. Somewhat irritating to wear in summer months due to extremely hot weather in some parts of the country.

3. Need to carry it along or find a way to lock it on the bike every time you are going for a ride

As you can see the pros far outweigh the cons. Most important the safety aspects. It should not even be a matter of doubt, I strongly recommended using a helmet while riding a two-wheeler.

So now i will provide you the list of best helemets for men under 1000

Top 10 helmets for men under 1000

1. Studds Chrome Economy Full Face Helmet

helmet 1

As we know studds is a very well known brand in the industry of helmets. It mainly comes in two different sizes X and XL. It is the best helmet in this price range. As it will provide you safety and also it looks stylish. Intially it is bit tight but with the time it become more and more comfortable.


1. Solid & sturdy design.
2. Lightweight & comfortable to wear.
3. Winter benefit owing to close design.
4. The textured finish on the outer surface ensures extra scratch resistance and maintains looks for a longer duration, as compared to painted one.
5. Projected part on the visor to help pull it up or down, without having fingerprints all over it.
6. Proper wind noise isolation at all speeds.
7. It can be easily locked to vehicles using helmet locks, which is not the case with open helmets.
8. Perfect fit as per size guide.


1. Close design results in less airflow inside leading to sweating and suffocation.
2. For some reason, fogging occurs on visor during winters, and it’s annoying.
3. It also does not resonate well with spectacles and goggles.

2. Vega Cliff Full Face Helmet

Best helmet from vega in this price range. It offers a very good shell quality. Its visor also offers a clear view. It also comes with great padding which feels very comfortable and secure. The lock mechanism is also very good and long enough for a comfortable fit. As the name suggests it is a full-face helmet.

3. Vega Crux Half Face Helmet

helmet 3

It is a very lightweight helmet. There is only one drawback that there is no hole for helmet lock. The best thing is that it looks very stylish and classy which is very appealing in this price range. It is also very comfortable. This helmet is perfect for people who prefer half face helmet. It comes with a clear visor which provides better visibility.

4. Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Classic Black with Plain Visor

helmet 4

Steelbird is also a very well known brand. This helmet provides quality ventilation which is very beneficial in summer days. It also looks unique mainly the front design of the helmet. The visor provides great visibility in day and night. It is also comfortable and fully secured as it is a full-face helmet. So there are no security issues in it.

5. Vega Cruiser Open Face Helmet with Peak

helmet 5

This helmet looks very stylish and strong as well, fitting is good either, at first it feels a little tight around ear and jaw but with time it’ll adjust and will become comfortable, the main point of helmet is to protect the head so it should be very well fitted to the head, so we can’t complain that it is tight because it should be a little tight to hold on the head. It has a lock hole which is an awesome addition in this helmet, no need to worry to carry it with you all the time,  visor protects dust particles from entering into eyes and it covers eyes. The helmet is light weight as well, the interior is good, padding and all things are enough for ranking in top 10 helmets for men under 1000.

6. Sepia Muscle Rider Open Face Helmet

helmet 6

The helmet is well-fitting and stylish. The desert storm color is cool and will fit best with any two-wheeler. The visor is well placed and protects the eyes properly. Inner cushions are snug and comfortable. Chinstrap is of good quality.
If you want the helmet for riding motorcycles then it’s a must buy. This helmet is made for people who love the royal Enfield helmet. As it looks very much similar to that. The quality of the helmet is not very well but it is worth for money.

7. Studds urban O/F helmet

helmet 7

Another half face helmet from Studds. It is very lightweight but strong enough to protect your face. The visor is somewhat tight in open and close again and again but doesn’t trouble you. It is the best helmet in the half-face category. There is also a locking clip which is very beneficial when you don’t want to carry your helmet with you.

8. Studds Ninja Concept Economy

helmet 8

Another half face helmet from Studds. Its comes with more sporty look which is very appealing. The only drawback is that it might not fit in your scooter’s storage compartment. It comes with second sun visor which is very beneficial in the months of summer. If you want to buy it for a motorcycle then it perfect for you as it looks more masculine.

9. Vega Atom Dull Black Helmet

helmet 9

This helmet is very lightweight and also small enough to fit in your scooter. So if you want to ride only in your city then you can go for this helmet. It is also an ISI approved helmet. It offers a clear vision. It comes in the clear and smoke visor. The smoke visor is looking more appealing with this helmet.

10. Steelbird SB-33 7Wings Gust Dashing Open Face Helmet

helmet 10

It is also a very stylish helmet. It looks best only in  white colour. The black visor is very good and protect eyes from sun rays and gives a good visiblity. It is very comfortable. Overall it is a good helmet for daily purpose in this price range. Its is worth of your money.

So I hope till now you already choose an idle helmet for you. If you still have any queries then you can simply ask in the comment section or if you have suggestions then you can drop that in the comment section. We will reply as soon as possible.

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