best hand wash in India

Best handwash in India in 2020

Washing hands properly will keep you healthy. At the current time, it is very important to wash your hands properly as it will protect you from diseases spread by viruses and bacteria. For full safety, it is very important to choose the right face wash.
We will provide you the list of best hand wash in India. I assure you that after reading our full article your research for the best hand wash will end. It is recommended to wash hands frequently. If you are not able to wash hands you must have to choose hand sanitizer in that situation.

When to wash your hands?

  1. Before you eat.
  2. After you use the restroom.
  3. After you handle raw foods.
  4. Before you handle fruits and veggies.
  5. After you come home from work/school.
  6. Before you floss your teeth or brush them.
  7. After you took out the trash.
  8. After you sneezed on your hands.
  9. After you touched something sticky/disgusting/smelly.
  10. After you go home from public places.
  11. Before you wash your face / before you touch your face.
  12. After you touched your phone. (make sure to sanitize your phone daily!)

Those are some of the conditions that people may have come across, but washing your hands is up to you if you want to keep away from germs you had all day and for hygienic purposes.

How to wash your hands properly?

If you are not using the right technique of handwashing. Then you not get rid of germs and waste your time. So it is very important to wash your hands properly. Below you can read the proper technique of handwashing.

1. Firstly wet your hands with water either cold or warm.
2. Use soap, Liquid handwash [recommeneded], powder soap.
3. Rub your hands for 20 seconds and it is important to rub all surfaces of the hand between hands, wrists, and all.
4. Rinse properly with water.
5. Dry your hands with a clean towel or air dryer.

Best hand wash in India

1. Dettol Skincare Liquid Hand Wash

handwash 1

This is the best hand wash in India from Dettol. The smell of this handwash is very good and decent. It also keeps your skin healthy and clean. It is the most popular and commonly used handwash. You can easily get it anywhere in the market.
Dettol offers various variants of hand wash like Skin Care, Sensitive, Re-energize, Cool, Daily Clean, Classic Clean. But the skincare handwash is very popular and best.
The best thing is that it gives you 10X more protection than any other ordinary soaps.

2. Lifebuoy Total 10 Activ Natural Germ Protection Handwash

hand wash 2

As we all hear about lifebuoy. It is a leading field in this field. They claim that their handwash removes 99.99 % germs in just 10 seconds. Which no one claims in the industry.
It is also a very popular handwash hence available at your nearest store. You can also buy it online which also helps you to save some money.
They also have top-selling soaps in India.

3. Santoor Classic Gentle Hand Wash

Another one in the best hand wash of India. If you want a good and long-lasting fragrance then you can go for this handwash. It is very good for your hand skin. If you want to save your money then you can big packing. You can also get in the market but I recommend you to buy it online.
It is enriched with sandalwood which is very good for cleanliness and gives you protection from germs.

4. Savlon Moisture Shield Germ Protection Liquid Handwash

Another one in the best brands of hand washes in India. Savlon is also a good brand of handwash. Their hand wash is very good and also moisturize your hands. It also protects you from germs and keeps you healthy. The fragrance was light and very appealing. You can buy it simply from the link below as it will difficult to find in a nearby market.

5. EcoSattva 3R Natural Chemical-Free handwash

hand wash 5

If you want to try something new and good then you can go for this natural handwash. As this is a nautral handwash, hence it is chemically free which is very good for your skin. The smell is not so refreshing but its quite good for use. If you want to get rid of chemicals then you can try this natural handwash. Many people prefer natural handwash due to its organic compounds. You can also try this just by clicking below.

6. Morpheme Remedies Hand Wash

hand wash 6

Another one in the best hand washes in India. It is also a natural handwash hence good for your health and hands also. It mainly contains neem oil and coconut oil. The smell is great and remains in your hands for a couple of hours. It is a bit costly for some people. If you can afford it then you must try it once.

7. Godrej Protekt handwash

hand wash 7

You already hear about this handwash. This very affordable/economical handwash. You can buy this from your near market. The color is sky blue and the smell of hand wash is very light and even appealing. It is enriched with glycerin which proves soft on your hands. It doesn’t create much lather while washing.

8. Himalaya Pure Hands Moisturizing handwash

Himalaya is also a very well known and trusted brand in India. Hence their handwash is also good. It is almost made of natural ingredients which is a very good thing. The smell is also good and light. It also moisturizes your hands somewhat. It doesn’t leave your hand dry. They also recommend to wash hands for 20 seconds and must follow it for your good health.

9. Fem Soft Handz Hand Wash

hand wash 9

A handwash from Dabur. The fragrance of handwash is very strong. If you want a strong smell for some hours then definitely go with this. It also doesn’t leave your dry. It nourishes your hands and clean also. The overall rating of this handwash is very good. You can try it once as it is at a very reasonable price than others. You can easily buy this from any online store.

10. Amazon Brand - Solimo Handwash

Last in the top 10 handwashes in India. It comes from amazon’s brand solimo. The product is very good at the first impression. The smell is not so good. It also doesn’t create much foam in comparison to others. It also rinses completely with little water. If you still want to try it then you can simply buy it from amazon.

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